The Ontario Heritage and Feral Apple Project  

Plant Population & Evolution Research Lab

apples of various colours

Contribute a cultivar

Do you have access to a heritage cultivar we could add to our database? You can help expand our ability to identify trees for others, and to explore the relatedness of heritage apple cultivars.

Step 1 : Tell us about your tree

We'd love to hear about your heritage apple tree.

Tell us a few things to help us decide whether it's a candidate for our genetic library:

     • Is it missing from our current list, or marked as "needing more samples"?

     • Better yet, is it on our list of trees we're looking for?

     • Is it a cultivar grown in the past in Ontario with some frequency?

          (We can check this for you if you don't know)

     • How confident are you of its identity, and why?

     • Do you know where your specimen originated?

          (e.g. as a cutting from a particular supplier, or as a tree from a nursery)

     • Are you willing to send us some leaves?

Send us an email ( with the answers to these questions, and we'll let you know if we can use your specimen.

Step 2 : Collect and send some leaves

Assuming your tree is a candidate for our dataset, we'll mail a collecting kit to you.

Once you have the kit, just follow steps 2 to 5 of the  instructions for tree testing. There will be no fee.