Plant Population and Evolution Research Lab


• The research lab of Dr. Brian C. Husband, University of Guelph, Canada •

Genetic Markers

The Husband lab does not normally provide genetic testing services. However, we have some experience in the use of genetic markers (SSR, AFLP, cpDNA and nuclear sequences) to study mating systems, population genetics and hybridization. If you are interested in collaborating on research in this area, especially related to polyploidy or native Canadian trees, and need lab resources, please contact Dr. Brian Husband to discuss possibilities.

Flow Cytometry Services

The Husband lab makes its flow cytometer (a BD FACSCalibur) available for use by other researchers.

Fees depend on the nature of the work and on the level of interaction between labs (i.e. paid service or research collaboration). Please contact Research Associate Paul Kron for further details .

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