Plant Population and Evolution Research Lab


• The research lab of Dr. Brian C. Husband, University of Guelph, Canada •

Some recent publications and presentations

Van Drunen, W.E., and B.C. Husband. 2018. Whole-genome duplication decreases clonal stolon production and genet size in the wild strawberry Fragaria vesca. American Journal of Botany DOI:10.1002/ajb2.1159.


Dorken, M.E., and W.E. Van Drunen. 2018. Life-history trade-offs promote the evolution of dioecy. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 31:1405-1412. DOI: 10.1111/jeb.13335


Van Drunen, W.E., and B.C. Husband. 2018. Immediate vs. evolutionary consequences of polyploidy on clonal reproduction in an autopolyploid plant. Annals of Botany 122:195-205. DOI: 10.1093/aob/mcy071

W.E. Van Drunen, M. van Kleunen, and M.E. Dorken. 2015. The consequences of clonal expansion for  sexual fitness: clonal expansion enhances fitness under spatially restricted dispersal. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 112(29):8929-8936.

Ahee, J.E., W.E. Van Drunen, and M.E. Dorken. 2015. Small pollination neighbourhoods in the broadleaf cattail (Typha latifolia) inferred from spatial analysis of pollen and seed production. Botany. 93:91-100.

Van Drunen, W.E., and M.E. Dorken. 2014. Wind pollination, clonality, and the evolutionary maintenance of spatial segregation of the sexes. Evolutionary Ecology. 28:1121-1138.

Van Drunen, W.E., and M.E. Dorken. 2012. Sex-ratio variation versus interplant distances in the regulation of pollen deposition and seed production in dioecious Cirsium arvense (Asteraceae). Botany. 90(7):565-573.

Van Drunen, W.E., and M.E. Dorken. 2012. Trade-offs between clonal and sexual propagation in Sagittaria latifolia (Alismataceae) scale up to affect the fitness of entire clones. New Phytologist. 196:606-616.

McKenzie-Gopsill, A., H. Kirk, W. Van Drunen, J. Freeland and M. Dorken. 2012. No evidence for niche segregation in a North American cattail (Typha) species complex. Evolutionary Ecology. 2(5):952-961.

Dorken M.E., and W.E. Van Drunen. 2010. Sex allocation in clonal plants: might clonal expansion enhance fitness gains through male function? Evolutionary Ecology – Special Issue on Clonal Plants. 24:1463-1474.

Wendy Van Drunen (Ph. D. candidate)

I started my PhD with the Husband lab in 2013, after completing my BSc and MSc at Trent University. I am interested in the interaction of clonal reproduction with other aspects of plant growth, reproduction, and nutrient allocation. My PhD research focuses on the relationship between polyploidy and clonal reproduction in the angiosperms, using a variety of approaches from mathematical modelling to large-scale manipulative experiments. My main study species are Fragaria vesca and Chamerion angustifolium, species which have differing levels of naturally occurring polyploidy, as well as very different modes of clonal reproduction.